Sunday, March 16, 2008

Weekend ups and Downs

This weekend has officially been the absolute worst in my life and its difficult to even type without getting emotional!!
This is probably not going to make much sense as i cant really explain the actual background but ill try do it in as short a way as possible.

I have officially lost all faith in my family. This is huge for me as my family is my life!!
They came to a unanimous decision on sunday that they are going to sell my house and we can all go our seperate ways after almost three years of living "together"

I feel cheated. why would someone you love want to take something they know you love away from you? I feel like iv been kicked in the teeth and i have a pain in my chest since yesterday afternoon. I have a headach from crying...
I will never own a property again ... I will lose my wooden floors and pressed cealings
I also found out that my sister in law did the hiding in their cottage thing not becouse of my sisters but becouse of me.
I am too controlling i make my mother feel bad that they dont have money the list goes on and on and on and on and on.

In the mean time since the anouncemnt my husband is going around like the cat that got the cream. He now gets his way and i guess they all do... My parents can do whatever they want my brother and his wife can buy there own home my husband gets to take me away from everythign i love and know...
and i get to lose lose lose!!!!

I really cant handle this i really really cant


Wenchy said...

I can see why you feel cheated!!!

Philip said...

Please email me and I will help you work through this, one step at a time.