Friday, March 7, 2008

Moxie Update

Firstly i was thinking about all three of my choices and i think they suck - oh well maybe only the one. Mainly cos its not really for me but the other two aren't going too well either.
1. The cold water tap in our kitchen does not work so we don't have any cold water i know i should just get a bottle but ill be honest it wasn't top on my list this week.
2. i have been trying to do the stomach exercises but i constantly feel like I'm not doing the right muscles and end up feeling like i need to pee really really badly (tmi??) i also end up getting serous stomach ache and pain similar to period pain so i don't know what to do there...
3. the sex is really not for me and I'm too upset to even talk to him civilly most evenings never mind anything else. will review over the weekend and see if i will change is for something else

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Mel said...

You a blog addict yet? Fun hey!