Thursday, March 13, 2008

Exams and job hunting stress

Ok so i found out on wednesday that my portugues exam is on friday - yes today!! OMG i am sooo giong to fail! i shouldnt even be on the blog cos i know its going to suck me in at any moment
The interview went ok it was for a senior (team leader) position its just a lot farther than i had planned to go so now im not sure what ill do if they offer it to me. Also Man boy went for a n interview yesterday and he was very happy with the company so we will wait and see he has another two interviews lined up. Me still nothing else from the cvs i actually sent out...
My fais exam is on the 27th so i have to find my book, which i have an idea i threw away in a fit of rage last year....

Does there ever come a point were you are satisfied with your lot in life and you just continue on the path not trying to fight it??

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