Wednesday, March 12, 2008


I wrote some crap about understanding labels and decided to scrap it!! i don't care how understanding i would like to be i just don't understand how people can stereotype you just from were you work ok ok i know that there are people out there that truly belong wherever it is that they work but i don't and i don't want to stay here either... I want another job and i want people to see me for the person that i am and what i am truly capable of achieving for their company not the place iv spend my adult hood earning a living at...
Why is that when people who seem to be so nice and kind when they hear how amazing you are at your job call you to get your cv, saying they have not one but two positions can you urgently send them your cv so that they can set up an appointment which you do... only then you think you moved to the sahara as you keep looking at you inbox hoping to get that elusive invitation.. and all you see are tumble weeds sweeping across your desktop.. so you put your tail between your legs and mail her again asking if she got the cv ... only to get an email back saying that "we do not have positions available for your expertise but i have filed your cv on our data base" ja I'm familiar with file 13 thanks i use it myself....
I am not kidding when i say i have sent out close on 50 cvs!!! And not one interview people - not one!!!

Ok ok so i got an interview... in my desperation i contacted my old boss and sent her my cv... i have a block interview (they are interviewing for the region) at one wish me luck!!

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