Friday, February 29, 2008

Loving Blogs and Moxie's 60 Day challenge

The problem with loving blogs and now having one of my own is that i spend so much time reading the others and forming opinions with their comments that i forget what i wanted to say my self...

I have taken up the "take yourself seriously challenge" on Ask Moxie and i chose the following three things

1. Drink two glasses of water a day
2. Continue to do stomach muscles at least three days a week
3. Try have sex once a week

Each of these except maybe number 1 poses a problem but i will try deal with each - you can change them and its supposed to be for your own growth things is is having more sex equal to taking my self seriously? Maybe i misinterpreted this. ill think about and make a decision on monday
So with that i will leave you with wishes for a wonderful weekend and think about what i want to say next week.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You dont have a cell, Seriously?

Now the thing is that i don't have a phone not because i don't want one but through an accident mixed with circumstances beyond my control mixed with a bit of vanity.
But you get the most amazing comment's when you tell people you cant give them your cell number because you don't have one
Like the day before yesterday when i got a call from the principal at the angel boys school "Hello Mrs M we tried all the other cell number to get hold of you and couldn't so we thought we may as well try your work number.. huh?!? Firstly why is the land line not the first point of call? And secondly wtf? so not important when you tell me that he has a temperature of 39.9 of course you can give him something to bring down the fever if sponging is not working!! OMG! (But thats another post altogether)
I also got a comment from someone who thought it was "amazing" and "liberating" and wished she could give her's up"... its actually not at all because no one understands how you cant have one.
Truth be told i don't have a helluva lot of people who really need to get hold of me that cant through other channels and actually that's pretty funny in its own way. But honestly have we become so dependant on the silly things that its completely unacceptable to not have one?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Hello Out there

Well first things first i suppose hello computer world... my name for now will be Mizasiwa for reasons which will become more or less apparent later, the name itself no longer exists in the "real" world but when it did it meant a lot to me
So I used to journal and write poetry or whatever, i think i can write... admitedly i havnt for nearly ten years but i commited to myself to start again and i think this may be the right format to try. I feel like i have lost what little soul i had and its getting worse every day... i dont want to be a drag i just need to feel like i count even if its in this anonymous space.
So here i am using work time to creat something i hope will make a difference if not in the lives of others at least in my own.
So if anyone is reading this i dont like capitals i love exclamaition marks and ... (cant spell the word sorry) and i really cant spell... oh yes and i tend to swear. I dont do it to offend anyone its just the way i am.