Monday, March 3, 2008


Here for anyone who happens upon this blog is the announcement of "Nurture" the brainchild of Tertia of "So Close" fame, and her friend Melany. The first time I heard of her i was home sick and watching etv's "Great Expectations" With Sam Cohan of "Waiting for Christopher" fame. She was so funny...later on I found her blog after following a link to see her VERY FUNNY "disclosure" (is it a disclosure? sorry my brain is still not working from last weeks lack of sleep - I don't find it now thought) Anyway here it is....

We are delighted to announce the launch of South Africa’s premier Egg Donor Program
nurture Egg Donor Program is a concept conceived by two people who are passionate about the world of infertility and egg donation. Tertia Albertyn, well-known author, former infertility patient and now mother of twins, and Melany Bartok, former egg donor herself and the country’s leading Egg Donation Director are both elated to be doing what they feel is their life’s calling!
At nurture, our focus is on recruiting, selecting and supporting top quality donors who are committed to the process of donating. Our objective is to provide complete donor care – encompassing education, information and support throughout the entire process, from application through to donation and beyond.
We look forward to connecting with you and all the other people whose desire it is to give others a chance to realize their dreams.With passion and vooma,Tertia and Melany
For more information about Nurture Egg Donor Program please contact either Tertia ( / 0824418639) or Melany ( / 0766848489)
It is still very early days. We might not have our website up yet or fancy stationery etc, but what we do have is lots and lots of passion and excitement; and 100% conviction that this is going to be absolutely wonderful, not only for us, but for everyone involved - the egg donors, the recipients and the clinics as well! We are totally into creating a situation where everyone benefits - a win-win situation for all.
I am not giving up my day job, I am going to be investor and adviser for now while Mel works full time for Nurture. Together, the two of us are going to set this space alight! It is so great to be involved in something so dear to my heart. YAY us!
PS: If you are a young, healthy 20-34 year old South African woman who would like to find out more about egg donation, please send an email to If you are an old bat with tired, overcooked (vrot) eggs like mine, but you know of young, healthy women who would like to find out more about egg donation, tell them to give us a shout.
PPS: If you are a South African blogger, please consider posting a note on your blog to spread the word about Nurture Egg Donor Program.
PPPS: If you are a man, thanks but no thanks. We don’t need your sperm right now, but thanks for the kind offer!PPPPS: Woooo hooooo!!!! Do you have any idea how excited I am about doing something that could potentially mean so much to so many people! Very, very excited indeed.

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