Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stupidity of process

Ok so in one day i have been told to tell clients to "priorities their payment schedule" and "pay their outstanding bond repayment instead of pay for petrol and food" Ok ill give you a second to process that and find it as completly efd up as i do.

But wait he also told me to tell them to use public transport when i pointed out the idiocy of the above statment....

I am now on hold with a well know medical aid who is refusing to pay my sons homeopath bill becouse our plan does not cover alternative medical practitioners. Funny considering in the space of four months the "normal" doctors depleted all my savings and nearly had my son on permanent anti biotics and asthma medication!!!
But no please dont pay the only doctor who has actually enable my son to breath through his nose in two year since he was born...
Now we have maybe three days of meds left and every time he has gone off them he ends up hitting out a 40 degree temp - doc wont see him till weve paid (basicly he didnt spell it out but im no idiot!)
So fun times people fun times!

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